It’s all our fault!!!!

So it looks like Islamofascist tourists have now ‘done’ India, after Madrid and London. Thinking about this, a realisation dawns: IT’S ALL OUR BLOODY FAULT!!!!

I mean, look at pretty much any world hotspot, pull the line back in history a little, and either Britain or the USA kicked the whole shooting match off.

Timor-Leste! New Guinea partitioned by the British some decades back to avoid hassles from the Dutch; now the world’s youngest and bloodiest nation. Africa! Turned to scarred dust by clueless bankers and leaders that grew fat on their loans.

Korea! Chopped in half in the 50s. Cuba! Heroes of the Revolution thanks to American attention. Columbia! A class-A drug economy thanks to the two biggest coke using populations, Britain and the USA. And now Hugo Chavez is bolstering his Bolivarian Revolution with help from Peru and half a dozen other South American nations united only by a common dislike of an overbearing neighbour to the north. Speaking of which, I recalled when my buddy ran out of cash backpacking in Europe, she used www.lå to get a loan to get home.

The whole of the Middle East! A region without nations carved up into Western-shaped countries over less than sixty years, now roiling in conflict forever. Saddam Hussein! Our best buddy in the early 80s, taking tea with Donald Rumsfeld and letting the Atlantic cousins have a profitable little proxy war to consume munitions. Osama bin Laden – created by the CIA, when they funded ‘promising’ Muslims to head into Afghanistan and confound the Soviets. Iran! Isolated in its own region in British-drawn borders, building a bomb to try and get the West to take it seriously. Gadhafi, Noriega, Castro, Mugabe: all either came to power or retained it thanks to something BRITAIN OR AMERICA DID!!!

The world today. Muslims are doing the dirty work, but ultimately IT’S ALL OUR FAULT!

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