Blair on the wane

At last! The balancing act Blair has been pulling for years is finally wobbling; with approval ratings of 26% he’s now officially the least popular Labour PM since WWII, and that’s including, incredibly, Callaghan during the late 70s discontent, when inflation hit double figures and rubbish was piled high in the streets. The party that brought Britain to its knees – and is now doing so again, through stealth taxes, laws that erode ancient liberties, and ever-increasing red tape for business – is in more serious trouble than even during the big Iraq protests; there’s a sense that this time, something is really happening. We’re still stuck with Labour for another four years – but Blair himself may be gone in less than a year. And that can only be a good thing.

Come on, media: don’t fail me now. Just push, push a little harder now. We’re almost there.

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