When bad news goes good

Some news reports are so accidentally funny the news teams must be having a laugh. Take this one:

3 High-Rise Workers Killed After Falling Into Drying Concrete — “A wooden frame collapsed at a high-rise construction site Saturday, and the workers who were standing on it fell into wet concrete, authorities said. Three were killed and another worker was missing.”…

….But let’s face it – he’s probably in the concrete.

The men were standing on the frame, working on the building’s 26th floor, when the frame gave way, fire Chief Richard Martin said. The men fell into a thick layer of concrete that was drying on the floor below them, and they became trapped, Martin said. “Search teams were using dogs to look for the missing worker.”

The dogs were advised not to maintain their customary enthusiasm.

“The building being constructed will be a combination hotel and condominium, police Capt. Jay Smith said.

And will perhaps do a great sideline as a haunted house tourist attraction.

Bal Harbour is just north of Miami Beach.

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