Dawn of the eBay Deadbeats

Unashamed plug for a pal: the vast textually-integrated conglomerate Klink Bros (NASDAQ: BADASS) has published Dawn of the eBay Deadbeats and I’ve just finished reading my copy on the Tube. It’s a grab-bag of eBay horror stories – and some of them are really, really bad; you’ll feel your face flushing when you think how many times you came close to making precisely the same mistakes.

Ed’s looking for contributions for a sequel, so drop him a line with your own worst eBay experience and maybe he’ll put you in the book. Unless you happen to be Belgian and it’s about two inadequately-packed loudspeakers you bought from a British guy five years ago, who due to travel commitments wasn’t able to refund your cash for nearly a month. That story will never make it in.

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