Talking about Canada’s elective swing rightwards, former British Conservative leader Michael Howard hits it on the head: worldwide, we’re seeing the utter failure of the centre-left to deliver.

The hard-left aren’t my gang, but at least they have ideas and intellect, even if those ideas have bankrupted and corrupted every country that ever called itself Marxist, Stalinist, or Leninist. (Definition of a Socialist: someone who’s really good at spending other people’s money.) The centre-left, however – in Germany, Britain, much of Europe, and now Canada – likes the glamour of the revolution while lacking the brains to do the work.

Ideas are cheap. Execution is hard. Perhaps the reason Conservatives have fewer figureheads is that being a Conservative is harder. If you’re blue you can’t help people as much, you’ve got to take more responsibility for yourself and hold others responsible for theirs. In its worst incarnations – like the current American administration – this translates as greed, cronyism, and self-dealing. But at its best, Conservatism can build strong societies, great innovations, and sustainable growth.

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