Has John Prescott gone for a swim? No, it’s Pete the Pilot Whale!

At first, Londoners thought the Deputy PM had taken a dive out of his Parliamentary window. But no, it’s Britain’s latest media sensation, Pete the Whale! (Note to Evening Standard: he’s not a pilot.)

They’ve now got the big guy onto a barge – it’s looking like they’ll have to put him down, and the vet that does will be the object of hatred until the day he dies. They’re not going to have many volunteers for that one.

Just goes to show that only three things sell newspapers – as one 1940s Fleet Street man put it, “Babies wiv an ‘eart-throb, animals wiv an ‘eart-throb, and what you might call sex.” But as someone who’s done two triathlons in that river, I find pictures like this rather scary.

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